Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NIGP

Chapter Achievement

With the help of all of our members, we have proudly achieved the Certificate of Achievement of "Highest Percentage Increase in Membership" at the NIGP Forum 2015.


Personnal Achievement



The Spirit of NIGP Award is presented by the President of NIGP and is awarded only when deemed appropriate. The prestigious award was presented, during the 2006 NIGP Forum, to Shafiq Choudhary, CPPB, CPM, Contract Specialist.

Darien Matthews, President of NIGP, presented the surprise award to Shafiq Choudhary in front of 1,400 attendees at the NIGP Awards Luncheon, "I want to acknowledge a key leader whose intentional choices and personal decisions have been a huge difference to those around them. I've entitled this year's Presidential Award the Spirit of NIGP Award to reflect the heart, soul and lifetime determination demonstrated by this individual", said Matthews.

"This award is given to an individual who epitomizes the Spirit of NIGP. This person is a highly skilled and dedicated contract specialist for a very large governmental agency. But his heart is dedicated to the individual people within the profession - for this is where you'll find his true heart and soul. If you sit on a committee with him, he'll be the first to welcome you into his home where you will experience the richness of his culture and faith - and you will be embraced as a member of his family. At his own expense, he has purchased team shirts for the Forum Committee from his homeland of Pakistan. And if you are ever faced with a tragedy, he'll be the first to open his hands and wallet - as evidenced by his personal contributions to the Mississippi Chapter after Hurricane Katrina. Please join me in thanking Shafiq Choudhary, a Contract Specialist for the District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement, for his incredible Spirit that serves as a beacon for us all."

All Shafiq's OCP colleagues, in attendance at the Forum, were at the awards ceremony and provided a standing ovation.