Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NIGP



YEAR 2018



    • The purpose of the Chapter Scholarship Program is to provide members of the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NIGP the opportunity to receive an academic scholarship to help further their professional development and education in public procurement.
    • The scholarship may be used to pay for the following Eligible Purchases:
  2. Any NIGP course.
  3. Any course taken in the procurement and contracting field.
  4. Exam fees for the CPPO or CPPB Certifications.
  5. Registration fee for the national NIGP conference or a NIGP Chapter conference.
  6. Towards tuition for an accredited college level course with a concentration in Contracts, Acquisition, Government Contracting, Supply Management, Public Management and/or related fields such as Management, Economics, Accounting, Business Law, and Public administration.


    • The Scholarship Program will be evaluated each year, and may be published and adjusted accordingly, due to inevitable changes such as calendar dates and Program budget.
    • The milestones for the stated Program Year are as follows:

November 30, 2018

Application Submission Deadline

January 2019

Award Announcement Date

December 31, 2019

Scholarship Expiration Date


    • Three Chapter Academic Scholarships may be granted at a maximum amount of $500 each in the Program Year.
    • A Carlos Lorenzo Johnston Academic Scholarship may be granted at the total amount of allocated monies, collected from donations or elsewhere, to fund the scholarship in the Program Year.


    • To be eligible to receive an award, an applicant must:
  2. Be a Chapter Member, with annual membership dues paid in full, at the time of submitting a Scholarship Application and at time of redeeming the award,
  3. Have at least 100 Participation Points based on the Scholarship Criteria, at the time of submitting an application, and
  4. Submit a Scholarship Application and the required Benefits Essay to before the Application Submission Deadline (refer to Section 2.2). Applications received after this date will not be considered.


    • Awards cannot be used for meals or travel expenses.
    • Awardee cannot receive more than one scholarship annually.
    • Awards cannot be transferred to another person.
    • Awards cannot be used to cover expenses incurred prior to the award.
    • Awards cannot be used to pay for Eligible Purchased covered by the recipient’s employer.
    • Awards must be redeemed before the Scholarship Expiration Date (refer to Section 2.2).


    • Applications will be reviewed, and awards determined by the Scholarship Review Committee which will consist of the Chapter President and any Life-Time Chapter Members and Retired Chapter Members, all of who are ineligible for an award.
    • The award decisions will be guided by high Participation Points and a determination of great professional benefit from the award.
    • Unawarded applications will remain confidential.
    • Award determinations will be made public by the Award Announcement Date (refer to Section 2.2).


    • Participation Points may be obtained based on the following Scholarship Criteria:


Availability & Description

Participation Points

Committee Chairperson

Available to Members for Volunteering as a Committee Chairperson and being active in the position

75 Points

Per Chair

Committee Member

Available to Members for Volunteering as a member of a Chapter Committee and be active in the role

50 Points

Per Committee

Chapter General Body Meeting

Available to Members and Board Members for Attending Chapter General Body Meetings

20 Points

Per Meeting

Chairperson for a Fundraiser or Social Event

Available to Members and Board Members for Chairing a successful Chapter fundraiser or social event

50 Points

Per Event

Chapter Event Volunteer

Available to Members for Volunteering at Chapter Activities and Events

25 Points

Per Event or Activity

Annual Committee Goal Achieved

Available to Board Members for supporting their Committee that Achieves its Annual Goal 

75 Points

Per Board Member


  • The Scholarship Review Committee will confirm criteria achievements stated on applications upon application review. Chapter General Body Meeting points must be evident by signature on meeting sign-in sheets.


    • The amount of a scholarship pay-out is based on the recipient’s actual amount of the Eligible Purchase.
    • Scholarship payments may be made directly to an organization on behalf of the scholarship recipient or as a reimbursement to the scholarship recipient based on adequate proof of an Eligible Purchase.
    • Award pay-out may be incrementally or in one-lump sum.
    • The Chapter makes no guarantee of refundable award funds if a recipient is unable to attend, for whatever reason, a course, exam, or a conference that the recipient submitted an Award Redemption Request and the Chapter has paid out.
    • The Chapter takes no responsibility outside of the act of paying, such as completing registration forms, that maybe required by an organization or the recipient to complete an Eligible Purchase.


    • Recipients must provide true and correct information in their application.
    • Any falsification, wilful misstatements, or omissions in an application submission may be grounds for forfeiture of the right to receive a scholarship award.
    • Recipients are required to be available to assist the Chapter with promotion of the Scholarship Program.
    • By accepting a scholarship, the recipient agrees to the terms and conditions of the Chapter Scholarship Program Policies and Procedures.


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