Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NIGP


Records and maintains records of the proceedings of all
meetings, mail or email all notices covering meetings and the affairs of the Chapter and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.


Lydia S. Gray

What organization do you work for and what is your position?

I have worked in the procurement field for more than six years in various roles. I’ve served as a Contracting Officer, Procurement Manager, Contracting Specialist and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative. I am certified through the American Purchasing Society as a Certified Purchasing Professional, and I have completed the CPPB training prep course, with plans on taking the exam in the spring of 2019. My expertise includes in-depth knowledge of the cradle-to-grave procurement process, business development and business marketing. I have a wealth of experience leading service organizations and national programs.

What do you plan to bring to the Chapter?

If elected, I plan to utilize my strategic thinking and planning to develop new opportunities to assist with the Chapter’s membership growth and national recognition. I have the drive and ambition to champion any challenges that the Chapter may face when trying to implement new programs or events. I am a great team player and team builder, and I believe in hard work. I had the opportunity to attend the National Forum in Nashville, TN, and I left the forum feeling inspired to do more within the procurement community, and to make a great stride for growth within NIGP. I plan on being fully active with the Chapter and encouraging my fellow colleagues to participate with Chapter events and the national conferences. I have loads of ideas that I believe will help move the Chapter forward and peak interest with fellow colleagues in and around the District.